13 Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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It just goes to show you that the world doesn’t stop just because you get busier, you just start juggling!

Cyndi-I’m with you. I couldn’t stand to live with all white walls or all any 1 color wall, no matter what it was. Since I live in a rental home I have to depend on accessories to brighten the rooms. 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing. It definitely helps to hire an experienced contractor, though. You do the project once and hopefully don’t have to deal with it again for a long time.

New lighting is planned to coincide with the bathroom renovation, but in the meantime, the old chain fixture was polished up, and new chain and globes were purchased to freshen up the look of the room until the rest of the renovations are undertaken. Hi, my name is Bane. GIY combines my interests in goth style and DIY. I blog about my home improvement adventures as well as crafts, sewing and other DIY escapades. My goal is to share ideas and maybe even provide inspiration for your own creative pursuits. I hope you find GIY useful!

Great tips and advice, decoration is related with many factors, and taste, and an artistic eye… but you gind universal tips which are very important. Come back to Blessing! The complete renovation took a little over a month because my husband could only work on it on nights and weekends but we are soooooo happy with the final results. It is now our little master retreat.

If you bought your cabinets at an IKEA store, you can go back to the store with your receipt and get a replacement for the missing part. Calling ahead to see if they have the part you need is a good idea, especially if you have far to go to visit the store. My Husband and I are putting 1 up right now. So excited about it. It’s going to be 40 wide x 80 long. Looking forward to it.