Beautify Your Garden by Adding Fragrant Wildflowers

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A Beautiful Addition

Do you enjoy gardening? Even in a structured formal arrangement of flower beds, the addition of selected areas filled with a lush covering of wildflowers adds charm. Including a few designated spots in your yard for growing wildflowers also provides some practical benefits. When you require seeds, Nature’s Seed supplies excellent choices:


A Pretty Addition

Adding two or three patches of wildflowers lends unexpected variety to highly landscaped settings. Taking this step can provide visual interest. As someone strolls through the garden, noticing the appearance of a pocket of bright blossoms thriving in a corner, against a difficult-to-mow fence, or around an old stump creates a pleasant surprise.

Today, many companies which market domesticated flower seeds strive to create uniform shapes and sizes of blossoms. These lovely plants offer great beauty, but too much conformity in a garden will detract from the natural setting. By making sure you’ve remembered to include some wildflower plots amongst your dedicated tulip and rose beds, you’ll offer that extra level of spontaneity which brings so much joy to casual visitors!

Some Practical Benefits

In addition to the aesthetic charms of wildflowers, adding these natural blooms to your yard holds some very practical benefits. First, while visually stunning, some domesticated flowers lack the rich natural fragrances of their wild counterparts. In her excellent book Flower Confidential, author Amy Stewart writes in depth about the cut flower marketplace. She reports the development of sensational, vividly-colored blossoms also frequently accompanies a loss of fragrance. You’ll want to include some wildflower plantings in your garden in order to compensate for this trend and ensure a sweet, aromatic scent!

Second, wildflower assortments include combinations of plants which appeal to different pollinating insects. The widespread use of pesticides and other human agricultural practices has significantly decreased populations of essential backyard pollinators in some locations. Honey bees, mason bees, butterflies and other garden visitors perform a vital role in keeping flowering plants and trees pollinated and fruitful. You’ll want to include a few patches of wildflowers in your garden to appeal to these tiny workers and attract them into your yard! They’ll help you enjoy richer crops of produce and more blossoms, and will also promote annual re-seeding so you can enjoy many new flowering plants again next year!

Excellent Wildflower Selections

The Nature’s Seed website offers some great wildflower selections. With very specific regional selections, you can find seeds there capable of thriving in your local area!