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Someone who’s good at many things, especially fixing things around the house, can be called a handyman. If you need help unclogging a drain and repairing a hole in a window screen, you should call a handyman.

Instead I quickly purchased and outfitted a small trailer with all the handyman tools I needed and hit the ground running. After just a few ads in local weekly papers I was working every day and making a decent living. At first most of the jobs were small and could have easily been handled by someone with limited experience and that was good because money flowed promptly.

My advice… Don’t do-it-all-yourself. Novice and pro alike can benefit from each other in DIY You might have the shed location leveled by a landscaper; get a referral to outsource the shed’s foundation to a building subcontractor; you can even have the roof’s trusses made by a local truss company and the shingles installed by a handyman or roofer.

I realize that $36,000 is not a considered a great income in this world, but it more that covers my families needs and it is certainly a lot more that I could ever hope to make by working for any employer in our area. Unless you have a very useful degree and skill, you will be a very lucky person if you can find anything paying over $9.00 per hour in this part of Oklahoma. So when that is considered, I feel I am quite blessed to earn what I did this past year.

We contacted John for an outdoor construction job along with some other required repairs. He was extremely professional and courteous by first coming by and assessing the necessary work to be done, then scheduled the work accordingly and quickly. He and Frank were not only on time, but very diligent, hard-working, efficient, and respected our home as if it were their own. I won’t hesitate to hire them again!