Can We Stop Male Bashing In Advertising?

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Jack looks like the straighter guy in the world, but he’s buried the memory of a more than friendly encounter with his best friend. Will’s green eyes bring this memory forward and make him question his whole life. In the mean time, Will slowly begins a subtle – and sweet – game of seduction of the older man, realizing that there’s something he can’t help liking in Jack (and let me tell you, I don’t really know what yet).

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A. I’m perfect for the job if you need a hole in the wall patched and painted, and that is one of a list of things you need done. If you want a couple rooms painted or your whole house, it would make more sense to hire a painter. If you want light fixtures updated, I’m a better price, but if you need your house re-wired it makes more sense to call an electrician. If you want your bathroom fixtures changed, cabinet knobs updated, and crown added, I’m your man. If you want to gut your bathroom and remodel, it makes more sense to call a remodeling general contractor.

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