Total Basement Finishing System

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Basement RemodelingThis collection of basement pictures perfectly illustrates the advantages of installing an Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System in your home. For many people, the basement is little more than a dreary part of the house that’s used mostly for storage. However, when remodeled properly, this neglected area can be transformed into one of the most popular places in the home. But don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews and thumb through this gallery of home photos and basement pictures to see for yourself the advantages of installing the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System.

Ending with my favorite overall design. From the front arched entrance with white classical columns to the room addition that houses a dining room addition with more the flair of a sun room with the large eyebrow window for added sunlight. Imagine the interior dining room with cathedral ceilings, crystal chandelier and the natural light from the eyebrow window. An amazing design idea that readily allows for the formal chandelier that is fitting for this classical colonial home.Basement RemodelingBasement Remodeling

I’m a Elementary school teacher who stays home with my absolutely fun 6 children. Moving around the world has given me the chance to decorate and redecorate and redecorate my homes. It helped me fall in love with home decor. I read all I can, research all I can and will try anything. My goal is to decorate frugally, with style and create a home that this crew can still live in.

One huge benefit of using aluminum siding is that it comes in a very wide range of colors. But you’re not really stuck with it say in four or five years if you decide to paint the house. This siding is very versatile and can take a coat of paint really good as long as the surface is prepared carefully first. So you’re wide open if you decide to take that white and make it blue.

We are dependable, reliable, responsible, accountable and our experience is undeniable. With nearly 40 years of combined experience from the Interior Design and Construction Industries, we see basements from a unique perspective. We focus equally on design aesthetic and construction quality and offer superior customer service. We manage design, construction, cost and schedule with a team of experts. Elevation Basements provides a truly distinctive result.… Read More

Basement Remodeling Ideas

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Basement RemodelingWhen using the professionals at Basement Doctor of Cincinnati, you can be sure that your newly refinished basement will be comfortable and cozy now and forever!

If your walls and ceilings aren’t adequately insulated, pipes there could easily freeze. In addition, you’re losing a lot of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. By adding insulation, you’ll lower your energy bills and help prevent frozen pipes in the winter. It’s a win-win situation. The cost will more than pay for itself in just a few years.

We went with Buck Buckley’s Total Basement Finishing because we were impressed with the product and we felt that it was superior to drywall when it comes to dealing with moisture. By looking at the finished product, you would never know that it is not drywall and it looks great. Buck and the crew did an outstanding job and they were great at letting you know where they were in the process along the way.Basement Remodeling

The first thing you need to do is get the water out of the house. The longer the water sits the more damage you will have to your home. If you have a lot of standing water and you are in the basement or any room that you cannot open the door and sweep the water out you can use a shop vac for smaller job or you can use a pump for bigger jobs (you can get a small pump for a garden hose that attaches to your drill at most hardware/plumbing stores for cheap). If the room has carpet you will need to use a shop vac to suck as much water out of the carpet as possible to avoid carpet water damage. If you cannot get the water up in a timely manner call a local water damage service.

Some chemical strippers can be extremely hazardous to breathe and apply, especially if you’re working in an enclosed environment. Be sure to read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product to check for potential hazards and health effects. Products containing petroleum also are flammable and can be dangerous to use around floor scrubbing machines, warns Schmidt, because electrical sparks could ignite a fire or explosion.Basement RemodelingRead More

Basement Finishing Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton & Middletown OH

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Basement RemodelingIf your home has a basement then chances are you’ve dreamed of having a basement bar from time to time? So what’s been stopping you, not sure what you need to know to plan it out or just can’t find a basement bar design idea you love? Just so happens I can help you with both. You see I’ve been designing homes and helping people with remodeling projects just like basement bar ideas for over 30 years.Basement Remodeling

The first thing you need to do is install the foam underlayment. This process helps insulate, blocks moisture and provides sound deadening for the laminate floor. It is definitely required so don’t skip this critical step. The underlayment comes in 4′ wide rolls and is generally sold by the square foot. Measure your room to determine how many rolls you will need. Start by rolling out the first strip and cut it to fit the space with a utility knife. TIP: I like to use masking tape to hold it to the floor so it doesn’t slide around while laying the flooring.

Dependable basement remodeling and waterproofing contractors are industry experts and are assured in their expertise. Basement waterproofing contractors are knowledgeable professionals and really should take pride in the work they do as they’ve a name to preserve. He might also have a portfolio of the work he has carried out. It’s typically smart to call those references before you make a final decision.Basement Remodeling

Before embarking on a basement conversion, get serious about waterproofing. If water periodically wells up between the slab and foundation wall, or there are cracks in the foundation, you will need to call in a contractor or basement waterproofing company for advice. They will be able to tell you whether the source of water is an easy one to stem—it can be as simple as gutters and downspouts not doing their jobs—or whether it’s more serious.

Before this project started, this Kirkwood, Missouri basement was a dark, wet eyesore. The homeowner first wanted to keep her basement dry, prevent mold, and reduce odors. Once Woods Basement Systems installed a complete waterproofing system with a battery backup sump pump, the homeowner was ready to finish her basement. She didn’t want to use wood framing or drywall, because she knew these organic materials could grow mold if they got wet from a plumbing leak. She asked Woods to install EverLast wall panels, ThermalDry flooring, and a bright, no-sag ceiling. Now, this Kirkwood basement is brighter, healthier, and more comfortable.… Read More

Basement Renovation Cost

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Basement RemodelingOur award winning basement finishing system turns your cold, damp basement into a dry and beautiful finished space.Basement Remodeling

Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles are also popular laundry room flooring because they look stylish, clean up easily and are perfect for use in damp areas. Tile is pricier than vinyl, but you have a variety of colors, textures and designs from which to choose. Tile also provides a higher end finish to the room, if you are interested in resale value.

At Finished Basements Plus, our technicians can do more than just finish your basement; they can also ensure your family’s health and safety with their professional radon detection and mitigation. We can handle all of your basement remodeling needs AND provide effective radon testing- that’s where the Plus” comes from in our namesake. We are your one-stop shop, so there’s no need to hire multiple contractors when you work with us.

Luckily, these days there is such a wide range of basement flooring ideas that you could consider. Most don’t even realize the amount of options they actually have and an absolute plethora of places where they could find ideas. Looking thru trade and decorating magazines as an example. You could even get out of the house and check out some of the choices at your local home improvement and flooring stores. I bet you’d be surprised at simply the different variations, styles and colors that there are on the market today.

You’re so right with everything you said in the opening paragraph. Basements even offer a lot of extra space along with the extra activities and purposes that you mentioned. We’re actually going to get our basement remodeling soon. These are such magnificent ideas to work from. I’m definitely going to use some of these ideas for our basement’s usage of space.Basement RemodelingRead More

Low Cost Basement Finishing Ideas

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Basement RemodelingHave big dreams for your basement? Here’s what you need to know to turn your basement ideas into a beautiful living space.

Wall finishing systems are rapidly gaining in popularity. These systems feature fiberglass panels and pieces of trim that fit into PVC framing. Panels covered in fabric offer an attractive finished appearance to the basement without the work of drywall taping and painting. Advantages include durability, moisture- and fire-resistance and the ability to remove panels for access to water pipes and electrical wiring.

Floating Floor: for people with moisture issues, a floor that can be floated is a great choice. This simply means that the flooring is not adhered to the sub-floor, but rather sits on a floating installation. These kinds of floors allow for a moisture barrier to be installed between the flooring itself and the basement’s concrete slab. Laminates and engineered flooring are perfect choices for this kind of flooring.Basement Remodeling

You must know what your are looking for and be able to use terms pre-determined by the window manufacturer. To make it more confusing, the terms change from company to company. Journey with us as we delight the various terms and the categories that each manufacturer currently uses. Stay with us through the end and review the possible tax credits available here in the United States.

Bob Harris, president of the Decorative Concrete Institute and author of Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete Interior Floors, says caulking compound and mastic are two of the most difficult substances to remove. He scrapes off as much material as possible using a putty knife or floor scrapper and then applies a poultice to remove the remainder. For a poultice, he recommends mixing an inert fine powder, such as fly ash or hydrated lime, with denatured alcohol to make a smooth paste. Once the poultice dries, the caulk or mastic residue usually is brittle enough to remove with a stiff-bristle brush.Basement RemodelingRead More

Average Cost To Finish A Basement

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Basement RemodelingWhether you’re adding a laundry room, bedroom, or entire accessory dwelling unit, the carpenters and project managers at Hammer & Hand will bring building expertise, precision, and care to your project.

Check out the Cool Basement Remodeling Ideas That You Have To See and get inspired. You could do so many different things with your basement and we suggest you to turn it into an entertainment area, playroom, laundry room, a home office or an extra living room. The basement’s location is far away from all the busy spots in the house and many of you think that it can’t be used for anything else than storage space, while in fact with the right decoration you can make it a room with nice ambiance and cozy atmosphere. The photos below will convince you that you were wrong all this time!

When you combine moisture with organic matter, you create ideal conditions for mold to develop. In addition, fiberglass loses all its R-Value when damp and drywall, in contact with water, will begin to decompose and release toxic fumes. Basement walls should be finished with 100% inorganic and waterproof materials that will survive a basement flood or water accident.

Yes, Pie is my sister. She is the baby of us fabulous five Mom writes about. I have been trying for months to get her to post her writing, but she is still a little shy. My daughter and niece are also on here, but they are not as active as my mom and I. We decided that we would use our nicknames for each other when talking about one another. It gets a bit confusing for our readers, but we have fun all the same.Basement RemodelingBasement Remodeling

Every year in Wisconsin, millions of dollars are spent on basement flood cleanup, restoration and replacement of flood-damaged property. To make matters worse, the damage is never covered under homeowners insurance, and even special flood insurance establishes coverage limits when it comes to basements. Even if your basement is properly waterproofed and has a good working sump pump, without a battery operated backup sump pump, you are at risk for a basement flood. Keep in mind that the same storms that have the potential to flood your basement can also cause power outages. No power, no pump! Battery backups are also useful in case of a primary pump failure or other electrical malfunction.… Read More

Exactly What Should You Know Before Hiring A Basement Remodeling Specialist?

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Basement RemodelingBasement finishing offers the best value for adding additional living area to any home. Bringing one of the best returns on investment while enhancing family living. Increasing valuable living space and home value in much less time, while being non-intrusive to your everyday living. More & more homeowners throughout Greater Boston are taking advantage by utilizing valuable wasted space & creating beautiful living spaces in their basements!Basement Remodeling

You must place a 10% deposit of the house’s purchase price if you want to reserve the house. Normally, the deposit is about $3,000 euros and above. The higher the cost of the apartment, the more deposits you have to pay. The rest can be paid monthly after you secure a mortgage from the bank. For off plan properties, you are expected to pay a deposit of about 30% of the purchase price.

You can use a rough figure of $39.00 to $45.00 a square foot for basic and complete basement finishing for basements 1000 square feet of larger. You will see some internet sites quoting lower rates, but after seeing hundreds of proposals in the last year $45.00 with carpet is about the average. For a higher quality finish with extra features (wet bar, built in cabinets, higher end fixtures) you will start around $50.00 a square foot and up.

If your plans will include any or all of these then you will need both a water supply and drain line to them. Water supply is rather easy since it can usually be built into the wall but a drain will require either cutting the concrete floor or building a platform for your bar to run the drain above the floor. Both of these options need to be factored into your basement bar planning budget.

For basements under 1,ooo square feet the average cost per square foot increases if you have a bathroom in the design. Recent examples I have seen include, a 800 square foot basement with bath room, recreation room, and two bedrooms with basic professional finish, $38,300.00 (from a lower priced company). If you count on $3700 for every 100 square feet finished you will have a good idea.Basement RemodelingRead More

Callen Construction

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Basement RemodelingOne of the biggest home renovation challenges can be creating space in a small, main bath where no space actually exists.

Our TBF EverLast wall panel is the best solution and the leading choice of consumers for finishing their basement. This is our state of the art modular basement finishing panel that includes SilverGlo insulation, radiant barrier and vinyl faced cement/ceramic board. Me either, Simone. Right now all I have is a laundry closet – not much reno to do in there! Thanks for the comment!Basement Remodeling

It’s also wise to leave all the taps dripping if a hard freeze is expected. This won’t positively guarantee that the pipes won’t freeze, but it will greatly lessen the chance. Moving water takes much colder temperatures to freeze than does standing water. Before each step in your renovation, we always make time to clearly communicate the scope of work, deliverables, timeframe, cost, materials and suppliers with you. Great tips my friend. We are all about DIY projects around our house. Who has the money to have someone else do the work? Certainly not us. With these six simple and affordable tricks and techniques, you can have a new-to-you bathroom makeover in just one day.

Now I’m not sure from your question if you might have been asking about just drywall and painting, if that’s the case then my estimate for drywall, drywall finishing (mudding) and painting – assuming your framing is decent, I would guess around $1,500. We earn money from advertisers. Advertisers pay to have advertisements displayed on our website. When you see an advertisement on BraySam lane, please assume we’re being compensated. You can see in the next section that we have created a drawing to illustrate the basic amount of space you will need if your plans include both a front and back bar design.

No matter your unique requirements, the professionals at Reality Construction are there to meet them. Be creative! Our home construction contractors love to build unique living spaces to make your home one of a kind. Thank you so much! I am actually not sure what the name of the paint color is, but what I can tell you, it is a matte black, and our contractor used a black tinted primer, first. All the paint that our contractor used was by, Benjamin Moore.Basement RemodelingRead More

Basement Finishing Gallery

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Basement RemodelingBasement remodeling is just plain fun. For most people, the basement of the house is merely a place used for storage. The washer and dryer might be down there, but otherwise it’s a place that doesn’t really get used all that much. And in some cases, the basement represents a lot of square footage – that’s a lot of space just going to waste. But after a basement remodeling, that space will be put to good use.

This is an area where paint need not take a back seat to anything – let your imagination (and that of the child) roam free! One memorable bedroom was painted in a light yellow but Dad then dipped a small child’s feet in bright blue paint and, with Dad’s help, the child walked up the wall, across the ceiling and down the opposing wall. Years later any visitor was drug to that bedroom and, with great glee, shown those footprints.Basement Remodeling

If not, however, some of these DIY bedroom makeover ideas will hopefully spark your own imagination in coming up with something appropriate for you and your family. Just don’t give up too easily; bedroom decorating can be fun, it isn’t a lot of work (compared to, say, a kitchen makeover) and will result in something you or your children can enjoy for years.Basement Remodeling

Surface prep for acid staining concrete depends on what condition your slab is in. Newly poured concrete only needs is be allowed time for curing-four weeks after pouring- then some rinsing and scrubbing to remove the dirt and latence from the surface. Older concrete is a different story. Thorough cleaning is required because any dirt, grease, paint, sealer or even curing agent will keep the stain from penetrating and reacting as it should. Do a little test area to make sure it’s ready.

I am looking to have a 1,700 sq ft basement (with full bath, gym, office and living room) plus a bluestone patio with a firepit, an outdoor shower, a 175 ft vinyl fence and a 16×10 shed completed. I have gotten two quotes. The first is for approximately $103,000 and the second quote is for a $15,000 flat fee for labor plus the cost of any materials we choose.… Read More

Installing Laminate Flooring Made Easy.

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Basement RemodelingThe way I decorate and I try to use what we have. I’m not a good decorator, but I do try. I like the house to look homey and I like the country look or shabby chic. I love old stuff. I like to reuse, redo and make things look like new. I’m always recycling everything I find.

A recent renovation to a 1940s-built home re-purposed an awkwardly placed closet to provide access to an unused attic space. The house was structurally sound, and the undivided attic space was the only place to expand without making an addition to the house. Thanks for all your helps and your website is great. I googled a lot until I saw your website, and you provided enough valid information that I didn’t have to google anymore.

You do the painting – I know. Painting sucks. But pool tables don’t, they’re awesome. And if you did your own painting you’d save enough to buy a pool table. We have outlined below just a few tips on what you should know before hiring a contractor for your basement remodeling project. Check them out! I love to window shop too…you certainly have some beautiful exhibits! Love to think how they would look in my small bathroom…or should I say water closet LOL…if you turn around, there’s one too many in it!

This information is based on the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) and accepted engineering and construction practices. Can you help me out here?? We want to purchase Anderson replacement windows (series 100 insert w/ flange), but we want to make sure we are measuring correctly. (ie, what size window do I order?). Our patented remodeling system offers lots of features for a great value, making it the leading solution for your basement.

If your vision for new living space in your basement extends beyond these basic ingredients, there are plenty more options from Basement Systems to consider. Our sister company, Total Basement Finishing, offers even more innovative products designed for creating dream basements. Does anyone know what I’d need to add to the Quonset hut for support. My mom is buying 12 acres with a cabin built in 1880. And I get to build what I want. LOL not to bad.Basement RemodelingBasement RemodelingRead More