Complete Bathroom Renovation (2)

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Over the weekend we put the finishing touches on our master bath remodel and are officially done! We are so happy with the results. It’s not perfect – we aren’t professionals, but it’s pretty darn good and much better than we ever imagined.

Unlike many home improvement providers, our bathroom remodel options are not limited to any specific product brands. Katlia Construction is happy to install bathroom fixtures from whichever manufacturer the customer prefers. I am so very impressed with your go-to guy for removing that old vanity top and not a bit of damage to that large sheet of mirror. He is worth every penny!!! My $88 sink and cabinet with a faucet I picked up at 40% off retail cost. The toilet was also on sale for 40% off. I just love love love this bathroom! So beautiful! I’d have a hard time running in and out of there quickly, looks like a nice place to linger.

To save money, you want to consider making the changes that have the greatest impact first – the things that will get the most bang for your buck. Things like paint, flooring, lighting, and arrangement and existence of appliances and furniture. A fresh coat of paint can quickly and economically update, brighten and enhance a home. This is my first instructable so my pictures were vertical and horizontal. I didn’t realize they needed to be all the same so some of them don’t show well with the formatting.

It is a good idea to mist your bathroom plants with water to help clean their pores. Plants in bathrooms often get clogged pores because they are exposed to powdered and aerosol products. Sign in or create an account so we can save this story to your Reading List. You’ll be able to access the story from your Reading List on any computer, tablet or smartphone. The weeds have been replaced with gravel, underlined with heavy plastic. We created organically-shaped borders with leftover pavers from the new driveway and various lengths of rot-resistant locust, then thickly mulched the beds and planted native species.

If you have never done plumbing work, it may be wise to contact a professional. With him/her you can discuss your needs and they will make suggestions within your budget. If you chose to make a purchase through an affiliate link, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you that I use to run this blog Thank you for your support! Surveyed the market? Have views today and price with feedback then at last glance towards BEST SHOWERS HEADS.REVIEWS to see the most beneficent among all.