Contractor Disadvantages, Problems, And Issues When Using Upwork (3)

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Here is a quick list of the pros and cons of working as an independent contractor. I will spend time diving in to each point below.

For an excellent concrete floor acid stain application all surfaces must be completely dry, prepared and tested as described above. Acid Stain should be shaken well and poured directly into a plastic sprayer with a plastic filter and internal acid resistant plastic parts. The sprayer should be continuously pumped to keep a constant pressure while applying concrete floor acid stain. We are very partial to a battery operated backback sprayer sold by Crusader Manufacturing which will spray 120 gallons on a single charge. It sells for around $200.00 and if you are going to be doing a lot of staining it is well worth the cost.

The best local source is an established equipment dealer. When provided with make, model, year of manufacture, serial numbers and optional extras the dealer can provide a reasonable estimate of value. Many dealers are willing to help in the valuation and are frequently consulted in the settlement of claims. Look online for a contact of a local dealership that might be able to help you.

A: Yes, as an Independent Contractor you will need a Tax Identification Number. If you are a corporation, LLC, or partnership, you will have a tax ID for that entity. If you are a sole proprietorship (self employed), you may use your social security number for your Tax Identification Number. Your state, however, may be different, so please check the requirements in your state. At year end, LiveOps will provide a 1099 – Miscellaneous Income Form for your year end tax reporting purposes.

However, Maxis’ rates were not competitive compared to UniFi and UniFi still enjoyed the upper hand but things changed when in May 2012, Maxis slashed their 10Mbps package from RM218/month to RM118/month, a whopping RM100 savings per month or RM1200 per year. When compared to UniFi’s RM149/month for its 5Mbps, it is a no brainer if you are already planning to upgrade to a fiber connection.