Contractor’s Exam (2)

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If you’re thinking about taking the North Carolina Builder exam, there may be a better option for you. There’s another exam you can take called the NASCLA exam. NASCLA stands for the National Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies. That’s a group that is working to standardize the contractor exam across the United States.

i worked for cable contractor called AMTEC out of Bocca, which is probably owned by the same a-holes. same shit. in MA the state forced em 2 give us some compensation, but it didn’t come close 2 the overtime that was due. the owners of the companies are all shady dick holes. manipulating loop holes and trying 2 manipulate people. i was searching 4 jobs in tampa because i am a good cable tech and am about 2 move close by. too bad the the contract companies are run by out of touch, greedy, fuckheads who wouldn’t last a day running a route. if comcast had the balls 2 allow unions and do its own f’ing work, then these leaches wouldn’t have water 2 swim in. 99% mf’ers ha!

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The houses on compound are better and your employer will probably source you one as you are director level, these are generally fully furnished and will have all the facilities that the compound offers. Saudia City the compound for the airline is very reasonable but not quite as up market as some of the others. Most contracts also include your accommodation on top of your salary so check your entitlement. On compound you can expect to pay between 50k and 100k per year, off compound you can pay 20k to 40k but you would have to furnish yourself.

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