Eric’s Sunday Sermon

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Hi, I’m CP and my goal is to provide you with more than a basic understanding of Home Building Kits, so that you’ll be able to decipher a good one, from one that’s not so good… A Quality Home Building Kit that you’re not going to pay too much for!

Do you have a cleaning maintenance Where do we find information for starting and getting good business? you currently own a cleaning business here in the Panhandle of Florida and work part time for someone contracted by the Realtors to clean out foreclosed homes. How can you go about getting these contracts myself? Do you have all the equipment, including the trailer, mowers, digital camera, etc.

I was in hvac sales and contracting for a while. I don’t have any experience with the acadia but heard of it at the end of my employment in that industry. I would suggest establishing a line of communication with the manufacturer. If you can get them talking and especially if they will support your cause if you have trouble with the unit (which is 99% of the time caused by shoddy installation) you should be ok. That being said I’m a fan of geothermal, pricey but the only system I’ve seen that will reasonably pay you back before the equipment is junk.

Once the rate has been agreed and you start work your interests are aligned with the agent. You both want the contract to last and and you both want to maintain a good relationship with the client. The agency should pay you promptly. Don’t put up with late or missing payments, just leave. Usually a threat to walk off site can work wonders with outstanding invoices. Beware, at the worst some agents can be downright nasty and bullying. I’ve been told that would never work in IT again by at least two different characters. It’s nice to see how that turned out. Just ignore bullies, except to make a note that you will never work for their agency again.

As a medical assistant, Kristine enjoys working with patients, and she likes learning from Dr. Franklin when he finds solutions to patients’ medical conditions. The doctor has encouraged her to continue her education, and as a result, she has enrolled in school to become a registered nurse. Kristine likes the regular hours and fast-paced environment of her vocational career, and she appreciates the stable salary and generous benefits.