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Have a list of honey-do projects for a handyman in Colorado Springs to handle for you? We’ll check everything off your list so you don’t have to (and we’ll do it very quickly!).

Computer Technical Support Specialist – A Computer Technical Support Specialist is someone who does the hands on work to set up a computer network and keep it running for users. Jobs in this field require a high level of proficiency in computer networking support rather than a college degree, and typically pay between $30,000 and $65,000 per year, based on experience and job location.

We ask that the families and friends of the Home Handyman make a concerted effort to show their appreciation and give their Handyman a special day. Make their favorite dinner or take them to their favorite restaurant. Not sure what their favorite eatery is? Here is a hint. It’s usually the Pizzeria or Sub shop right across the street from Home Dept.

this is a great idea!! I want to explore machine quilting without a huge investment. Your idea is cheaper than a plexiglass extension that I saw problems with from the start. And if I determine I’m not a machine quilter I have a table to use for anything, some insulation & a vinyl cover that can be put to some good use somewhere. Thank you for sharing!!

Today, you’ll still find Art Nouveau pieces, from prints to sculptures to entire buildings, all over the world, in cities, towns, museums and attics alike. Some of these works were created during the height of the Art Nouveau movement and are truly valuable pieces. But you’ll also see many newer or brand new Art Nouveau designs in the form of jewelry, furniture, sculptures, paintings, illustrations, and advertisements.