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It was supposed to be a simple door install. I was simply replacing an interior door that a dog destroyed. The customer had the replacement door on hand. All I had to do was line up to two doors and transfer the hinge and handle locations. Next, I would simply chisel out the hinge settings, attached the hinges then rehang the door before drilling out the handle hole. However, after chiseling out the hinge settings, things didn’t go so well.

Remove one of the wires from the thermostat. You can remove all of them if you want, but it is only necessary to remove one. Set your multi-meter to ohms, then take one of the probes on your meter and stick it on the first screw, the one without the wire connected. Holding that there, with the other probe go and test each screw and each connection.

Solar Installation Company Owner – Solar is one of the hottest fields in construction today. Rising grid electricity costs and falling solar equipment costs are making solar power more cost competitive each year, which is causing an explosion in solar installations. The owner of a solar installation company with Solar Installers working under them can earn $100,000s per year, if they gain a good reputation in the area in which they operate.

Modern coffee makers have become a big success, largely because they are so hassle free and easy to use. Let’s be honest, the coffee might not be quite as good as a traditional coffee machine but the big plus is that there’s no messy coffee grounds to deal with. Convenience is the name of the game here. Saying that, as clean and easy as they are to use, once in a while you need to descale them. Luckily that too is easy to do!