Protectors Of The Protectors (2)

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For all those that don’t get it, there wouldn’t be Government Contractors if there wasn’t a need for them. They exist solely because the government needs a labor force to support it’s efforts. Specifically for our era, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars better known as OIF/OEF Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom had a desperate need for Defense Support Contractors.

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What is the duration of the restriction? It’s in your best interest to negotiate the shortest duration you can get. You also should attempt to get some protections against being fired. This can be done with language specifying that in the event you are involuntarily terminated, the duration of the restriction shall be equal to the number of weeks of severance pay you receive. This means if you receive a year’s severance pay, you would be restricted from competing for a year. If you receive no severance pay, there would be no restrictions.

The benefits and bonuses does not come from Upwork but from the clients that hired the contractors. Since Upwork does not require employers to give benefits and bonuses to their contractors, this would depend entirely on the former. However, chances of receiving a bonus increases when the client is extremely contented with the kind of work provided by the contractor.