Silver Saints

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If you are a home owner there will eventually come a time when you either have to or will possibly just want to change your bathroom or kitchen taps.

Edgar Buchanan had been in many movies before becoming a handyman that wooed Aunt Bee. He got credit for everything, but was quite lazy. Andy sort of had a man to man talk, and Edgar decided to move on quickly! He must have hopped the Cannonball because he made his way to Hooterville and the Shady Rest Motel on Petticoat Junction. He settled in quite nicely as Uncle Joe.

Handyman is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I loved Will and Jack so much! I really became involved with these complex men. I loved how they really got to know one another before any kind of physical involvement started between them. But, when they did take their relationship to the next level, it made it that much sweeter and hot! I wish Claire would write more of these unique and wonderful men. I loved them and I know I’ll be reading their story many times over the years to come!

I used to play TF2 obsessively but in recent times have been unable to dedicate the time to it that I want. I’ve been out for about a year and I have a lot of vintage stuff that I want to get rid of for cash or amazon gift cards. Is there somewhere that I can post my whole backpack and have people make offers on things? I looked at TF2 Outpost but it’s definitely geared towards trading item for item.

While it’s easy to dismiss book binding as an old relic, I believe the quality of this craft will continue to attract more and more new book binders, who will in turn continue to pass on this craft. There are a lot of ways to impress friends and guests, and an entire book shelf full of books you’ve bound and made yourself has to be high up on that list.