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Right here is an summary of the present state of affairs (28 August 2014) concerning the renovation of St Mary’s. It’s based on extracts from the parish newsletters for March 2, Might 14, and June 22.

We discovered a problem within the basement, with the original flooring. There have been abrupt changes in height between levels where outdated rooms had been demolished. This added to value because the contractor should make the floors degree for installation of flooring. Once that is carried out, the daycare will probably be full, needing solely plumbing fixtures installed.

The within is completed aside from changing the carpet and painting – issues I can most likely dwell without until such cut-off date when we can stop using this as a sort of warehouse room. The door is in, the window is in, the blinds are on both, and they’re putting the screen door on the surface even as I type. I’ve began moving the furniture that must be within the corner again in place, but I still need to vacuum up the dust that they left. I also nonetheless want to begin transferring my books back where I can find them again easily.

When Norma introduced that Dexter, Maine was her destination alternative for this journey, she then informed us we’d be staying at Brock and Barbara Johnson’s home. Uh-oh. Is this a good suggestion? Are they ready for six alpha females who are competitive, impatient, decided, not afraid to give an opinion, and not afraid of the unexpected? Hope so.

The door was still out. The window in the toilet had been removed and put back, and the ground and the wall exterior had been rebuilt. I will show you some photos below of what the surface of the room appeared like without the boards. It’s type of interesting to see the wires and plumbing in the walls. The picture in this module reveals the way the containers and different issues had been rearranged by the lads. On Wednesday, they started working to remove the surface boards on that aspect of the first story, under the balcony, to ensure the termites weren’t eating that, too. That meant the kitchen window needed to be removed and coated with wooden overnight.