What Not to Say in Your Online Dating Profile

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Since we spend so much time on the Internet, it is natural that we want to try to find someone to date there too. The problem is, sometimes we can’t achieve anything. Of course, there are stories around about some lucky individuals that found each other on a maturedating online site, met in real life after a week of talking to each other, and got married in a year. But that is because they got lucky unlike the most of us. Many people stop trying in about a month: the patience comes to an end as they don’t have any more will to read through all the messages from idiots. But, truth to be said, the luck isn’t the only thing you need: those individuals as mentioned above knew how to compose their dating profile correctly. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes and things that you shouldn’t write in your online dating profile.


Even if you always wanted to be called “Hermione Granger,” hold on a minute. That will naturally attract some kids and role-players. Of course, to decorate the name with little hearts and call yourself a “Sexual Kitty” is not a very good idea too – if you, of course, aren’t looking for someone for a one-time sexual contact. On the other hand, to use your real name can be too dangerous – dating sites are visited not only by ordinary, sane people, and you don’t want to get stalked by someone from a neighbor street, right?

The perfect choice – your name and, for example, a surname of your grand-grandmother. An unusual or a full form of your name is a good option as well.

Appeal to people

Try to refrain from making any appeals to others. If you can’t, try at least to keep the negativity away. Posts like “Perverts, beggars, alcoholics, and married guys – don’t text me!” will only provoke these categories of people to run to you immediately just to tell you about their “high” opinion of you. Everyone else will only pass by, frowning at your statements in the spirit of “I am the star, and you are all plebs.” No one is interested in that. Except for perverts, beggars, etc., of course.

Your story

This is the most difficult part. First, you shouldn’t write any requests here – there is a separate form for them. Second, you shouldn’t lie: you don’t want to fail during the conversation with a potential prince, right? Third, the story shouldn’t be overly long. Fourth, it must draw attention, and this is the hardest thing to achieve. Try to write the whole thing down but don’t publish it right away, let it be for a week, then take a fresh look at it and cut the unnecessary parts. Try to stay away from a boring fancyness and listings, like: “communicable, sentimental, kind, sincere, delicate girl with a sense of humor” – it looks like a C.V.

The best way to describe yourself is to imagine yourself going somewhere by train and talking to a companion. What would you tell them?

The thing to remember is, luck is a good thing to have on an online journey for love but well-composed profile comes first. Online dating site is not a portal for beginner authors, so no need to go extra mile, especially if it doesn’t reflect you in real life. Keep it short, clear, plain but compelling. Good luck!