Winter Gardening: How to Use Bark?

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Bark mulching is very important for the maintenance of your garden. There are various materials that can be used to protect the soil of your winter garden which includes bark chippings, crushed shells or leaf mould. Garden bark chipping provides winter garden various essential nutrients that keep it healthy all the year round. Autumn is the best season to prepare your garden using bark. As garden defines the beauty of your home; it must be well maintained.

Garden bark chipping

There are certain ways to prepare the garden and use bark for winter suggested by Compost Direct:

  1. Bark the Borders:

To prevent the borders from the outgrowth of weeds and bushes, bark chipping is perfect solution. Weeds and bushes near border of pathways give rough and untidy look. Bark chipping suppresses these bushes and makes the borders look neat. We recommend not using fresh bark as it removes essential nitrogen from the soil damaging the soil effectiveness.

  1. Take Care of Pots and Baskets:

If you have grown tiny plants or flowers in pots or baskets, spread the bark in pots too. Baskets add beauty and variety in your garden. Yu don’t need to worry about the size of bark chipping as it is easily available in small size, specifically designed for pots and baskets. Colored bark gives life to your winter garden; however, it’s your choice whether you like simple plain bark chipping or colored one.

  1. Cover Pathways:

If you have no alleys in your garden, you should start making one. A garden without a pathway looks untidy, muddy and soggy due to rain and snow during winters. There are several ideas for pathways like step stones, decks, gravel or the pavers. As it can cost you higher, you have the very option of wood chipping. Step stones and gravels are although ideal for gardens, but not for those who have tight budget at hand. During winter the garden is not used as frequently as in summer, wood bark gives perfect solution with giving two faceted benefits t your garden: path ways and essential nutrient to the soil.

                You can also use bark as decoration of several areas of your garden, including around alleys and pots.

  1. Make Your Garden Beautiful and Look Healthy:

As during winter everything sees dull and boring, you can make your garden look beautiful and colorful. Use colored bark chipping according to your choice. To ensure healthy garden during summer, don’t use fresh bark, it removes nutrients from the soil. A plastic sheet or membrane is always needed when you spread the bark chip. Since, it is soft and dry; you can use it for various other purposes even inside house for decoration or for the playing area for kids.